Ainura Kudaibergen
Digital Content Creator
based in New York City
About Ainura
Born in Kazakhstan but raised internationally moving from Astana to London, Tel-Aviv to Vienna and New York, Ainura's fascinating kaleidoscope of unique experiences have shaped her global perspective and inclusive worldview. Her Social Media presence began through YouTube where her fashion, lifestyle and motivation themed videos reach over one hundred thousand subscribers, as well as millions of viewers spread around the globe. She recently graduated New York University with a B.S. in Media, Culture and Communication and is compelled to continue expanding her creative vision for a greater cause.

Ainura is open to partnership opportunities, providing mesmerizing and exclusive work through creative integration within her Social Media platforms to capture audiences in an organic and effortless way. She had the pleasure of working with a plethora of global brands in different capacities including Disney, NBCUniversal, Google, Canon and more.

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"For a generation that's media savvy, socially driven, and aware of the power they can harness with that combination, Ainura shines as a role model and person to emulate"
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Ainura's NYU Steinhardt Profile
"As a self-proclaimed international citizen who found her voice through social media, Ainura Kudaibergen made New York City and New York University her latest home for creating content. Since realizing the power of her voice, she has had an unwavering dedication to use her platform and YouTube to send meaningful messages. Ainura discusses her transition from sharing morning routines as an early teenager to covering her personal struggles with body image and exercising. Now as an undergraduate student majoring in NYU Steinhardt's Department of Media Culture and Communication (MCC), she's dedicated to sharing her NYU experience with her intrigued viewers."
from NYU Steinhardt YouTube Channel
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